Check yaself before ya wreck yaself

Since Friday I’ve known I’ve been feeling off. Well this morning was evidence that I should see a doctor: I had a bad dream, kicked stuff off my bed and moved to the other side.


I never do that, get so hot and shake things around till nothing has its place. Felt like I had a 27 round wrestling match so I took a nap and now it’s 10:30! But no, only I sleep here.

I could just be having a fever but the scene caused me to ponder and write. It’s important to check your health every few days and pick up on changes; mentally, physically & emotionally.

What am I doing that’s no longer normal? Why am I kicking things out of place, I am not a rebel? What shouldn’t I kick but am trying to kick out (I accidentally kicked the Bible on my bed)? What is new with me that makes me want to rearrange everything and move sides? Why am I trying to break everything down? Is new stuff coming that’s better or naww? Is it necessary for changes to be made right now? Do I need help?

It’s important to check in. These are some questions you should ask yourself. I’m good mentally I just had a bad dream, been feeling sick and get too hot at 2am lol.

Big smiles now! Xx


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