Could you be without the internet and other smart devices?

I love my laptop, it’s been with me for a few years and I’m happy I’ve left the PC world. But I don’t know what happened the last time I left my baby behind as it just keeps asking me for passwords and username’s and I’m looking at it wondering why it can’t remember? Then I have to think of when I created certain accounts and what was the going password topic at the time to even remember the password. I don’t want to go into to much detail on my password life but I’m happy so many more of my accounts are uniformed to ‘hmmkiki’. It has made my life that much easier!

Other than my dependence on my laptop remembering my credentials, my phone has been freezing all over the place. I spoke to my dad about it today and it turned into a long kitchen discussion. Point being I complain about technology problems then leave it to my male family members to fix. I stopped being interested in gadgets when I focused on cars, then stopped focusing on cars when I started getting busy with running life and doing a lot.

Do you ever think about how much we rely on the internet, Google, smartphones, tablets, etc? Yesterday I tried to envision today’s world with no internet. My degree would probably be 6 years because we would have to use books to find information to complete assignments. That would then mean we’d need bigger libraries so more of us could fit in, we’d also have typewriters that would be loud or pen and paper to then go home and be loud with the typewriter. We then would not be able to make appointments with people as fast as possible and change them as fast as they’re being made. I’m imagining the era of President Lincoln (from the movie Lincoln). I am so grateful for technology and not having to spend huge amounts of time to find out information. But what if it were like that, would knowledge be more valued? Would we enjoy studying and being smart? Would the world be filled with pompous, narcicistic bumbums or kinder, loving people?

Could you live without your phone, tablet, laptop? I do it overnight because I’m asleep but I don’t think I could manage without it easily. I’d be more free to have fun and meet new people but then I wouldn’t see old friends because they’re often late, unreliable and forgetful.

Hmm. Just a thought



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