Can men and women really be friends?

I’ve heard this said to me so many times. I should even turn on the laptop to type this faster but I’ll stick with my phone as I don’t need to be out of bed for another 25 minutes and begin my final year of uni!
Woop di dooo!
I got to this conclusion yesterday. Men and women can’t be friends because the level of friendship will be questioned. Yes to build a relationship I believe a friendship needs to be first but you should say all that. When there’s no potential relationship you see every time you kick it they’re just a friend but do you both see the same thing as just friends? Are you ‘friendzoning’ them? Does the guy want a friend with a few benefits? Or the girl?
Anywho I’ve met some wonderful men who I would say are friends and that is all since we get along and can talk about anything. Typically these men with me are married and I love that they’re married so we never have a wierd moment! It’s strictly chilling and conversing and I adore their wives, you learn a lot from married people and those on the way to a married forever life.
Guys who aren’t married, it’s a lot of fun and flirting but really can we just chill and be friendly? I don’t like 90% of guys I spend time with, they may be hot but there’s more going on in my brain. The 90% know that I don’t like them, 5% are in limbo and aren’t cognitively understanding the phrase, “I don’t like you”. The last 5% knows there’s some liking in the bottle over there.
But what do you think, can men and women be friends? I’m sure with a level of respect yes but I haven’t seen that since I’ve been back here :-/


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