Writing to the length of a song

My first day back at uni was interesting. I’m going to write for as long as Bob Marley- a la la la long song plays.

I used to always write in a journal to help order my thoughts. I loved writing. I used to write music that then turned to poetry/spoken word then back to a little journal. When I lived in Spain I kept one for a year and it was the best part of my week just to write and reflect. Definitely miss writing but I can’t bring myself to write anymore. Writing a blog is fine and all but writing in a journal has been therapeutic but I feel like it takes so much time that I could spend laying down doing nothing instead.

Today was a first day probably that is similar to other uni days I’ve had. I was late and frustrated and mad at myself, a lot of it was due to getting the wrong train. I got to Smethwick Galton bridge by accident and teared up on the bench. I hate being late when I can do better. I dislike being back here now because everything is normal and people are frustrating me more. I’ve been pretty happy up until today because I’ve chosen who to spend time with other than my bed. I’ve had a great time being alone and at home, but with all these people, responsibilities and routines it’s hard.

So many things happened today that a journal would love to have written within but I can’t bring myself to it.

That’s the end of the song- 3 minutes and 46 seconds. That’s all the writing I can do.

Thanks for reading!


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