John Legend in Birmingham

I have been waiting since March for this day. Aaaaaaahhhhh!
The John Legend concert was very much alive and filled with love.
I can’t remember the name of the support act but she was a female pianist and held her notes well. John got on about 45 minutes after start time which is pretty good and it didn’t feel like a long wait for a 90 minute show. I’d say the dress code was grown and a little sexy, he did mention that he’s tryna set the lovers up for the night and possibly get some singles some fun for the night!
He sat down promptly in a finely fitted suit and played that shiny black piano like it was an extension of his finger tips. The first few songs, tonight (best you ever had) and the made to love intro had me grinning. He was sweet and a perfect gentleman throughout, I feel like he was swooning me on a first date! Saying that, I am a very big fan and felt like he sang every song to me.
The band was composed of a string quartet (2 males and 2 females), drummer/percussionist, bass player and 2 guitarists (1 was the MD) along with John on the piano. It was a personal concert and everyone sang along when it was time: green light, ordinary people, a Michael Jackson throwback and his final and most recent hit song, “All of me”. He played and sung other big hits in between like Maxine, so high, ain’t nobody in the world (you & I), who do we think we are, save room, number 1 and a song from the Roots album.
I read reviews before going and it was true what the Manchester and Newcastle writers said, it had the atmosphere of a French cafe, he sauntered around a little and shared jokes and personal stories relating to his career and family. In particular he talked about his grandmothers and dedicated, “Like a bridge over troubled water” to one whom had passed. There we saw his gospel roots and I couldn’t help but be in the same tone as him as he bared his big gushy heart. He is a versatile performer, I didn’t realise that but I appreciated how he mixed up the genres from rnb to gospel to jazz to soul and the mixed audience in terms of race and age received it well. There were lots of couples, friends, mother and sons and a few singles present and they sure did enjoy our boy John. (‘Our’ as in my, ‘boy’ as in man, I tried to be a groupy but that’s not me! Lol.)
It was a fabulous £50 I spent for a semk back corner, lower level seat in the Birmingham NIA and my life is pretty much complete. I didn’t get to see him personally like I planned and dreamed of-I even tried to get backstage but it wasn’t simple or straightforward.
To those lucky few who were invited, I am very jealous of you and I hope you had a great time meeting him.

If he came back I would see him again and camp outside his hotel with a sign. I’m not doing that tonight because I’m tired and I have uni tomorrow afternoon.


Go to a concert if you get the chance! You’ll fall in love with him ♥ However don’t buy a hoody though (£50 isn’t worth it for something so plain), the shirts I would recommend.



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