A nice guy

It’s lovely that chivalry isn’t dead but it’s also difficult in this world when kindness can mean so many things. Is a kind gesture or kind terms or constant niceness too much?

I had to ask my friend about our mutual friend because he was a little bit too nice or maybe I’ve recently ran into enough males with one thing on their mind that I can’t differentiate between genuine niceness and someone wanting someone. But it was good to know that it was who he was as a person so now it feels fine to say outrageous things to each other and accept his niceness when we’re in each others space. I’m not ‘friendzoning’ him, it just is a friendship that I am happy to stay like that since I can’t see many men with such NICEness dripping off them.

Anwho, be nice to people and niceness will be returned 🙂

Listening to the Spotify Latin playist and I’m feeling all kinds of nostalgia for every time I flew to Spain over the past year! Aaaaahh. Happy Tuesday xx


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