To my elusive granddad

I’v heard the arguments of a generation that is fatherless and I understand the pain and life difficulties that could follow when the father is not present, especially when there were problems in the parental relationship.

It’s not like that with my family, I have both parents and this isn’t about parents-hence the title. I had 2 grandmothers and one died a little time back: her boo died in the 70’s. My paternal grandfather I know nothing of and that’s not to say he didn’t have a good relationship with grandma but I don’t know and today that does not concern me.

I was talking with mom the other day and figured out who my granddad was. I guess it concerns me now as I’m an adult about grandparents because I’v met some wonderful grandparents and have wondered about mine- would my grandma be so nice, was my granddad helpful around the house, would my grandparents welcome me to their house on the weekends or jokingly cuss me out when I visit but be secretly happy I visited? I just do not know as I’ve not had those opportunities and just one grandparent I know a 362 word paragraph about. But my granddad can’t be reduced to a paragraph, he shouldn’t be-should he?

I was telling mom that as my dad and aunt grew up, grand dad had to travel for work because he was apart of a secret organisation and had bigger things to do. He knew one day his grand kids would figure it out seeing as his kids were semi-genius’s and the next generation would be closer to the genius level. I figured this all out when I heard about the lady who wants to sue the government because her baby daddy was undercover when they were doing grown folk business and now she wants a huge child payment cheque. I don’t blame her since half of her kid is due to the government and belongs to him (someone signed off for that level of intimacy in that covert op). It led me to think that something similar could have happened and the reason I can’t find my granddad now is because he’s either chilling in the Bahamas under a different name or he’s still in the secret services. He’d be near 75 now I think but my grandma is a witty character so I believe he still has a job seeing as her craziness needs to be monitored. I can almost 100% guarantee he has done great things for the world unknowingly.

I have an active imagination. But I’m now settled on this belief and am pretty comfortable thinking my granddad from Trinidad was apart of an island thing haha.

I have hoped to meet him but that may never happen. If I got to meet his other kids and grand kids that would be awesome.

Cherish your grandparents, they’re important folk!



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