Some people chat a lot a shiznayee

NB: Minor use of profanity

Firstly, Scrappy don’t sue me for using my word.

Now, some people chat shit and just utter shit. I don’t know why we “pull the wool over our eyes”, we need to not create false realities of people. Some people just chat shiznayee and I do too, lol we all do it. But blatant lies and BS is not to be tolerated. Even when you catch yourself near a lie, you need to back away. Lying is very bad and is a habit to avoid. Honesty is better and yes I still live by this principle even if it means paying more when I notice I’ve been undercharged. I’m probably also that friend to discourage you if you’ve been undercharged and walked away. Yes Jesus comes through with miracles but come on son, at least double check with the cashier person since they will get in trouble at the end of the day and may probably be thankful you realised.

2015 soon come, I’m gunna do a lot more “ok” responses to them bs texts that come through. I notice when people (friends) deflect answers, why? If it’s personal say taht and I’ll add in the necessary boundaries to the 2+ year long friendships.

I question, “friends” a lot. I think uni is making me a loner and liking the concepts of books and constructs that can be tested time and time again. You can’t test friends repeatedly or put them down when you’ve finished reading what you’ve wanted to.

T’is a shame.


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