Things I miss in Galicia

I miss my kids, all 200 of them!

I miss the pasteleria shops. Es muy rica!

I miss walking into centro de vino and sitting down and having my soya hot chocolate within minutes of not even asking for it!

I miss the smiles from the faces of the wonderful people in ‘Xugo.

I miss the constant Spanish conversations around me.

I miss my little babies tapping me and calling me all the time!

I miss my smart toddlers getting all showy but then turning around and helping their peers.

I miss my teens, we had some fun conversations when the  HM wasn’t there haha!

I miss tortilla. Dang that’s some good food!

I miss Galician wine. Who would’ve thought that wine would have become my favourite drink? White- not red!

I miss the parents that would drive me up the hill for my 8am class, even though the walk did wonders for my thighs.

I miss the gym- zumba and yoga in Spanglish was always the highlight of my Friday night.

I miss my American buddies who were great translators and the best people to moan with!

I miss the EC classes where I taught a small class or I was being taught with three 7-10 y/o.

I miss hikes and breathing in that fresh country air.

I miss long train rides to see Brummy people and walk on the beach.

I miss Galicia, the experience and the hot weather. Me encanta.

On a mountain

See you soon! xx


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