Caption this

I took this picture (29/12/2014) and loved the sunset with the bars and the slight edit. But I looked at it again and thought about it some more. Sometimes we see things on the horizon and it seems not too far but unreachable. We can’t get to that which we want due to the bars … More Caption this


Things happen all the time and as someone who writes often I should write a journal but I stopped doing that years ago. I’ve been meaning to do it urgently since summer but have only written twice maybe and I will this week I hope. I don’t write the depths of my thoughts. I only … More Journaling

Milk Bottle Memories

Originally posted on Deathsplanation:
When I was a child, I eagerly awaited the seventh night before Christmas. On this night, right before I went to sleep, I would open the back door to our house. The wall of cold air that had been kept waiting outside would rush in at your feet and reach up,…

Unwanted flashbacks

The worst thing is, I can sit alone fine, Minding my own business, All fine until I unknowingly, Wander quickly and there. It hits there, Unashamed memory, It feels right from that time, That was right for me. That flash back scene, Sweet oh my, Unwanted. Flashback, Bye.