Slight “love” obsession

*16 rating*
I’m not sure if it’s because of the people that I follow on social media but everyone is talking about love. So many things I’m hearing is related to love (gf/bf, eros) and it’s a bit much now. I’m not trying to be anti-love but calm down a little with love and sex here and there. Offline it’s not as bad yet it’s a prevalent topic.
I understand everyone wants love, yearning for it and we need it as people (eros not the family love I mean). The media and everything pushes raunchy love and sex so much so that it’s slightly cheapened and I don’t believe love should be like that.
Saying all that I wouldn’t ever want to discourage people from writing about what’s on their heart- love and sex. I write about cake so it’s all subjective as to what we feel is important to share. I love reading short poems that talk about love or lust (currently that’s what who I follow are posting) and it’s highly sensual. Brilliant writing and I wouldn’t disuade them, just “not everyday talk on sex”. Drop me a piece on a rainbow or a treadmill or homework in between your love her like you can’t live without her touch, sex at the front door, strawberry cream and good D game.
Switch it up a little, I’m 22 & I want a slight variation now from you writers. You hold influence and although it may not be popular and may get less likes, shares, etc you should still extend your craft and give our libido some chill. Lol.
Happy Wednesday (hump day) xx


4 thoughts on “Slight “love” obsession

  1. On point. This whole love/dating/relationship game is overrated. Not saying it’s not a good thing, just gets annoying seeing it so often.

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