3 days left of 2014

3 years ago almost I started this blog, the first post was honest and inspired by my Mallyboo ( who is now at http://www.imallyuk.com). It’s been fun and in the last year I wanted to stop posting because I wasn’t filtering things well. You get used to social media and always “sharing” that even if you want to inspire or show a different part of you, you can’t always do that with the internet and on certain platforms. The idea of not letting other people’s opinions control your decisions is important but in some matters you don’t have to fuel opinions with sharing decisions that only those who saw know.

This year I can’t remember exactly what I planned to achieve but the end of 2014 I wanted to be more positive and the start of Jan I had included to learn Spanish and understand it at a decent level before leaving (early June). These two things I have done and I’ve gone on to do Spanish classes this term and in the next term as I’m back in uni.

It’s been a challenging year from working in schools with children and teens to working with special needs and facing University hurdles that I often stumble on. The Spanish challenges were way better than what I’m dealing with now but I asked to be challenged even when I got back and although I’ve cried myself to sleep so many times and have had “mini breakdowns”, it’s ok. Everything will be ok and I’m learning to let things go a little bit more. What I’ve been working on from Nov into the next few months is simple:





It can read as a sentence, ‘focus on letting go’ but individually it means something too. To FOCUS on whatever I am doing and stay ON in the moment while learning to LET things be and loosen my control on every thing. GO would be to go and do what I want that makes me happy and also to stick with God.

That’s it for 2014 and I hope the best for you all in 2015. Be a better you in whatever aspect you can think of. Be a better sister/brother, husband/wife, friend, lover, employee, boss, veterinarian, auditor, lawyer, bus driver, money saver, swimmer, rock climber, etc. Even your personal self; have a better mindset, a better positive outlook on life, a better body image, a better size 10 that has strong bones and can defend them self, a better skin regime, a 100 lb less and confident you, personal hygiene, decision maker, be better at giving of your energy and time, a better mental and emotional state and a better man/woman!

See you next year and thanks for reading, sharing, liking and commenting. Let’s talk more next year! xx


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