Red Pill Philosophies – 11-9-14

A good reminder that not everyone is ready for us right now, and we them. It’s true and ok.


For most of my adult life I’ve heard women on three continents express their disdain for the behaviors of “some men”. However, they generalize the behaviors they dislike as a condition that affects ALL men. Nowadays, the same rhetoric is littering the floors and representing itself as graffiti on the walls of social networks. Our precious flowers (women) are exposing their thorns as they learn that the men they are interested in have competing interests with those they idealize. They then become incensed/angry when the man won’t do what they want him to do in order to fit into the box they have prepared for him. They say, “He is not a real man”. The bottom line is: people are just people. Some people have adapted perfectly to conforming to the expected standards of others. Some people are driven by their own personal interests as a way of defining themselves…

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