Don’t You Forget About Me

We sound almost alike. I hope people would remember my kindness and that being with me would always be fun!

Lauren Says It All

I was listening to this classic by Simple Minds the other day and it got me thinking.
When I’m gone I want to be remembered. I don’t want to be famous or have strangers know me, but I want my friends and family to remember me for who I am. For being honest. For always trying to do the right thing. And for putting a smile on their faces when they are down. I want to be remembered in the most positive way possible. I have made mistakes like everybody else. And I hope they won’t be held against me. I hope I can be remembered for being the young creative one who had her own problems to deal with but always came out with a smile on her face, willing to help other people. That’s how I want people to remember me.
It’s all well and good saying how…

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