Caption this


I took this picture (29/12/2014) and loved the sunset with the bars and the slight edit. But I looked at it again and thought about it some more.
Sometimes we see things on the horizon and it seems not too far but unreachable. We can’t get to that which we want due to the bars and restraints we put on ourselves. It’s still a beautiful thing that’s untouched but we can’t have it just yet.
Then there’s also the view of the opposite side… We are caged in and a prisoner to our thoughts. We know not how to get out, or what we’re in but it becomes something we’re used to. It grows familiar and comfortable. The dream stays as a dream as we stay mediocre not knowing how to get out and to the place we want to go to or the person we want to become.
What do you think when you see this?
Btw I was in a car park looking through and that moment was beautiful just to see the sunset. I just wanted to observe and not try to reach out for a dramatic picture. I could have went closer to the bars and changed the perspective on this. Hmm.
Happy new year’s eve!


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