My mind is mine

The thoughts we think are ours. Think positively, believe in the good and not the bad. Be an optimist and not a pessimist.
Your mind is yours. Think and create. It stems from your mind. Be what and who you say you want to be. Read that book, ask that mentor a question, take that course. Be.
My mind is mine. Mental health has been brought closer to my attention the last few months. I’m grateful for a sane mind and that my thoughts are clear. I’ve had a few difficulties but I can say my mind is mine. Simply; I’m changing my thoughts and changing things I can change to get what I need, to be who I need to be for me and you.
I’m a product of my environment but I can change my environment and give more when I can. I have to think clear and positively so that when you see me, you can be that much brighter and have that much more fun with me. It semi starts with your mind.
Elevate and read a couple books this year! Happy 2015 xx


Oo and if your mind is on the track of working to save to then travel. Send me a ticket too! 😉


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