Rays of the sun

It’s really sunny today. This picture is from a few weeks ago. I appreciate the rays of the sun simply because of my previous TA job. I’d work throughout the day and in one particular corridor, the high windows would allow a nice bit of sun shine through. I’d stand there for a few moments … More Rays of the sun

Well wishes

I’ve been meaning to say something for ages but I haven’t made time to so I kind of keep forgetting the topic. But this weekend, never mind Valentine’s day, I hope you have a wonderful break. I want you to be your best you where you maximise your opportunities, you seek challenges that grow you, … More Well wishes


It’s February! How many felt like January was a long month? As if 3 months were in one? I did. Everyday was pretty good but it felt very long as a first month of the year, plus I felt like I was revising for weeks on end…I was actually! Anyway, February is here and I have … More February