It’s February!

How many felt like January was a long month? As if 3 months were in one?

I did. Everyday was pretty good but it felt very long as a first month of the year, plus I felt like I was revising for weeks on end…I was actually!

Anyway, February is here and I have one month and 5 hours to hand in my dissertation draft. Time flies, uni is almost over and I’ve gotten onto another module I really enjoy so I’m not dropping out. Yipppeeeee!

February will be short but remember to keep working at your goals and do things today that are productive and will benefit your tomorrow. I’m back on my one cake a week diet and a healthier breakfast plan which is new to me but I am inspired to try some different breakfast foods and reduce my podgy belly. I’ve even done more treadmill work which is surprising because I stopped liking treadmills yet running is something I used to enjoy.

Anywho, Happy 2nd of Feb chicas xx


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