Let me come to you real quick

It’s almost midnight and I was going to sit and do a few more hours of work then go to bed but this is pressing on my chest, since Jan 20th or there about…

When you see me, this is what you see. I don’t dress up, I don’t wear make up much and my priorities are no longer very materialistic. I will be in bed plaits for days and not care, because I really don’t care at least 6 day out of the week but you know when I get ready for an event I will step out and show you some beauty.

I will happily continue in my Pegasus 31’s because they’re super comfortable and as much as I love shoes since I bought these last Autumn I have not loved another shoe nor have wanted to actually complete a payment on £80+ for the latest female Nike’s. Why? There is more to money than a collection of shoes, don’t get me wrong it is my dream to have a shoe room and have it fully kitted but right now I have sneaker knowledge (mainly male shoes since they’re better) and my bank account smiles without the Footlocker, JD, Foot Assylum lines of payment. I don’t preach to people with shoes upon shoes that’s fine, but for me travelling is more important so what will I do with all those shoes? I’m not paying for them to be trudged around in a separate suitcase/shoecase.

When you see me going to uni looking comfortable I really am, I really would prefer to wear my headscarf as well but I at least “dress up” and take that off to come in 4 days a week and get the education that I am paying for.

I say this to say, my top 10 priorities do not include my appearance. I’m a final year student, let me get my education. After this I’ll be fighting to solidify my place in my profession, I will be comfortable and less hobo looking but even then my priorities may not be on my appearance. Be concerned that my mind is right and my smile is bright. Care that my heart is not heavy and I don’t have puffy eyes from crying myself to sleep. If you feel that my tomboy ish ness that’s super simple and plain is dead wrong, hook me up with your natural hairdresser and stylist- if you’re not going to do that reserve your comments for yourself.

Over the past 2 years I’ve pulled back from commenting on how people look- unless your hair is actually very obviously not matching your weave. We don’t know the battles people face or the priorities in their life, just let people be and show them a smile and help keep their smile alive.

I’m doing me, I’m trying to be happy in one of the most difficult months of my life. Care for my heart and not my looks. Thanks and goodnight xx

That 7th day where I do dress up a little
That 7th day where I do dress up a little

6 thoughts on “Let me come to you real quick

  1. People who are so self-consumed with their appearance are often the ones who later wish they had realised sooner how inane it is to invest so much time, effort and money to make themselves look superficially appealing. You certainly have your priorities right. Conform to your own ideals and you can’t go wrong 🙂 xx

    1. Well depending on your job and self esteem issues and other factors it makes sense for individuals. I personally know my priorities yes and I’m happy doing what makes me happy 🙂 thanks for the response!

      1. Well, I liked your response. It’s refreshing, especially since generally women put more stock in their looks over their mind. Good for you!

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