5 hours sleep life again

Man I’ve been on 5 hours sleep for about a week. I think twice I had the pleasure of 7, one being on the day I just couldn’t make it in that early.

Dissertation life is no joke. Everyday doing something towards it and completing bits till after midnight even when your brain hurts. I would sit and type for hours and by 11, my brain would do a Mexican wave for real and then at 12 I would stop. That was last week. Now I’ve pushed past that and worked til 2, and I’m sorry in all my years that is a HUGE surprise. I would never stay up past 12 doing work. Me? Naaawww! But now? YAAASSS hunttty, this is not giog to write itself.

LOL. I don’t even think I’ve been cranky, since I have pretty good convos after I’ve finished the day’s load.

My advice for anyone in this period of life: carpe diem (‘seize the day’ in the day); have cut off hours; and at least a minimum amount of sleep you know you can manage with for a week (sleep minimum monthly chart). I know I can manage on 5 hours for a few days so I ensure that that is the minimum and if it goes below that, I have to have 6 hours minimum the next day. On the weekends I try and lay around for 7-8 hours to help my body cope with the lack of sleep that’s now new to me. Also eat healthy as best as you can if you’re having less hours of sleep. It will help the body function and somewhat reduce the increased risks of getting sick.

2015-02-08 14.22.43

The end is nigh! Toodles 🙂


11 thoughts on “5 hours sleep life again

    1. Well if you’re running a business that is the right attitude. But if you’re doing lots of stuff that doesn’t equate to a productive day then mate grab a daytime nap! Haha. My friend sleeps 9/10pm-4am then starts her day as a PT, fitness instructor and related things. What do you do as your career by the way?

      1. Right now, I’m a Tax Preparer for Jackson-Hewitt. But I’m an aspiring entrepreneur. Therefore, your first sentence hits home with me! What about your career on where you want to be in life?

        So do you get free fitness adn gym membership? lol

      2. Interesting! Final year University student hence #nosleepgang. Future career of teaching would bring me back to at least 8 hrs/night.
        Haha none. But we have great conversations on health and fitness, she gives me pointers etc.

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