Touching break

The title sounds kind of off, right? 100, I don’t like random pokes or repetitive hits as I’m ticklish so I get on guard quite quickly. It happens more often since people won’t stop touching me and I would love to not jump every time a hand comes clear to me. Open your arms for … More Touching break

Stick out

There’s that saying about sticking out like a soar thumb. That feeling of being the odd one out and not blending in and being noticeable that you didn’t fit in to whatever colour, creed or belief to be held. As I sit in church, pretty good in my knee length fitted dress and heels. I … More Stick out


I had an incredible Saturday in so many ways but there’s only one I want to highlight. I was at a pretty bad ass henna party (A version of a Bridal party) and it was LIVE! Music, food, people, vibe, friendliness, friends on the spot, I loved it! I’m so happy to see another friend prepare for … More Saturday!

The value

It’s easy to have sex these days. It’s actually surprisingly easy how many times I hear about stories of young people (13/14) just doing it. I don’t care that much at this time of day to point fingers but parents and a child’s upbringing has a lot to do with it. I think the only … More The value

I wish you well

I saw this beautiful post on instagram (@robhillsr) and it is exactly what I mean when I wish people well. I don’t mean to come at any one with negativity and disrespect. I don’t hate people and if we don’t click or need to detach for our life’s journey, then it’s all good. I wish … More I wish you well


I’ve noticed some breadcrumbs seen in the last few people that spoke to me about relationships… My most important factor that people seem to probably ignore is that I’ve not been in a long term relationship to advise anyone but I’ve learnt from them and have sense hence people feel comfortable with me. But I … More Breadcrumbs

Self doubt

Self doubt it will eat you up and have you feeling unworthy, goals unattainable and bring about a belief that you are simply just not good enough for anything. I say that because often times, my degree has me feeling this way a few days a month. I broke a promise today, I said I would … More Self doubt

Monday afternoon

Not even a rant, I’ve had a pretty darn good Monday but I’m seeing this happen a little bit more often as people share with me. I’ve been wondering recently how I (use me as an example) can be there so much for a friend, give and give, keep things in confident, listen, encourage, motivate, … More Monday afternoon

Male speech

In the kindest way possible, men… you should be more aware of the language you use around people. From your friends to family to strangers and women- particularly women! I’ve heard some rude and somewhat sexist comments said to women about women and these friends don’t recognise until later thinking it was joke. I’ve heard … More Male speech

Draft submitted!

Have you ever done a big piece of work that caused you so much stress that you made yourself ill? That there dissertation we do in final year, was a lot for me and the draft I just sent through made my chest hurt. But the fab thing is I don’t have to do too … More Draft submitted!