Male speech

In the kindest way possible, men… you should be more aware of the language you use around people. From your friends to family to strangers and women- particularly women!

I’ve heard some rude and somewhat sexist comments said to women about women and these friends don’t recognise until later thinking it was joke. I’ve heard you degrade women to their female friends of what you want to do to her. Fair enough you have an active mind but in the same breath can you increase the levels of respect?

Probably the one that I remember most, people have self esteem issues. Especially females who turn away from compliments. When you give a compliment be genuine, it helps with receiving and accepting it. But you also need to be mindful of women you know that has a thing for you. With them, you really ought to be straight up and crush them kindly or bring em to high heavens.

Men, please stop stringing women along. Please be respectful. Please stop being assholes and come to terms with your emotions so you can read women better.

Thanks 🙂


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