Monday afternoon

Not even a rant, I’ve had a pretty darn good Monday but I’m seeing this happen a little bit more often as people share with me.

I’ve been wondering recently how I (use me as an example) can be there so much for a friend, give and give, keep things in confident, listen, encourage, motivate, cry when you cry and be joyful when you’re joyful…yet when I need it back- especially just for them to listen and keep things in confidence- that same mutual respect can’t be given. I think some friendships are unequal between two people which is fine because it’s a journey. But when I (still using me as an example) need you to do for me 1/4 of what I do for you the other 365 days of the year, you fail to do it. I can see why people question the worth of the friendship.

Friends and friendships are changing variable, you can’t treat them all the same. One person may be close to you for one year but you can meet someone and be better friends with them after a month. This can then change in 6 months and the longer standing friendship becomes more of value and so on. There’s levels to friends and I don’t even think Psychology has covered the dynamics of it all, so I won’t even try. I will say, when you feel something iffy with friends especially in the case of giving and not receiving, reevaluate as you could just be giving too much to many at this moment and the friend hasn’t realised just how much you require them to feed in to you.

Any thoughts or ideas on this, let me know. Until next time, continue to become a more excellent you!


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