I’ve noticed some breadcrumbs seen in the last few people that spoke to me about relationships… My most important factor that people seem to probably ignore is that I’ve not been in a long term relationship to advise anyone but I’ve learnt from them and have sense hence people feel comfortable with me.

But I write this at something to 1 am, to remind people to not back out of their word. If you say, you are done, be done. Don’t keep switching between your heart and head, no one likes to trust a person with two completely different personalities as you never know how to respond to personality A and personality B [I am in no way trying to criticize or discriminate anyone suffering with mental health through this].

As people we find it hard to make up our mind but it needs to be done. You have to make decisions, even Olivia Pope decided to have the sun with Jake and Vermont with Fitz at whatever time she felt comfortable in participating in those dreams.

Decide if you’re finished with a situation and make up your mind if it’s worth the fight, effort and space in your life. Is arguing over your man being a vegan really that important? How will his veganism affect your colon? Not at all, is the argument worth it? Likewise, if the relationship is stagnant, does not allow you to grow, and the next month (which to me is a lot of minutes in one’s life) you see no real ways of experiencing joy then is it worth walking out or discussing how things should change then walk out?

Relationships are tricky, it’s a confounding variable in life where it either adds or minuses from who you are.

Night! xx


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