I wish you well

I saw this beautiful post on instagram (@robhillsr) and it is exactly what I mean when I wish people well. I don’t mean to come at any one with negativity and disrespect. I don’t hate people and if we don’t click or need to detach for our life’s journey, then it’s all good.

I wish you well.


“I wish you love, peace, and joy. I wish you the patience to make sound decisions, the humility to take being wrong as an opportunity to grow/learn, and I wish you the strength to work thru whatever process is required to make it right. It won’t be easy, but I wish you the discipline required to do what’s necessary even when it isn’t convenient. I wish you tunnel vision, a fresh perspective of this world, and a resilient heart. Be determined. Be creative. Be free. Get your worth, not just what’s left. I wish you a new understanding of your value, a revitalized commitment to your dreams, and unwavering confidence in your ability to handle the assignment of greatness on your life. I wish you faith. I wish you hope. I wish you love. | cc: @garry_norris


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