The value

It’s easy to have sex these days. It’s actually surprisingly easy how many times I hear about stories of young people (13/14) just doing it. I don’t care that much at this time of day to point fingers but parents and a child’s upbringing has a lot to do with it. I think the only thing that hurts is knowing that the more younger people have sex, the easier it becomes to just not care and give it to anyone. It becomes easy to get attached to others and get hurt in the process because certain smart boundaries weren’t created in the beginning to help keep you safe. By that I mean, some simple friendship where you had some simple trust to at least then part your simple knees.

This may be a Christian blog but allow me to be honest, and you already know where I would shake my God salt and pepper shaker anyway.

I work with women and in the very beginning I realized just how hurt you can become by giving and giving of yourself emotionally and physically that it could leave you broken for years to come. I don’t speak with young girls, I listen or hear about experiences vicariously and it hurts my heart sometimes to know that something you see as simple and gives immediate pleasure could potentially ruin your life. Besides STD’s, an unwanted pregnancy and maybe social stigma, a dozen sexual partners before you’ve even received your GCSE results? Sweet child, why was it so easy to open up and give of yourself that many times and you probably can’t even tell me the meaning of the 4 Greek love types? I can’t even continue, as some girls (and grown women) are just being used and they don’t even know it. Likewise some guys “have to” do things to be accepted.

Just hurts my heart a little bit. I don’t even know what else to say. I could only hope the few young people I actually speak to, I could at least encourage you to use sense and not make decisions based on temporary pleasures when there could be a lifetime of consequences (both positive and negative).



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