I had an incredible Saturday in so many ways but there’s only one I want to highlight.

I was at a pretty bad ass henna party (A version of a Bridal party) and it was LIVE! Music, food, people, vibe, friendliness, friends on the spot, I loved it! I’m so happy to see another friend prepare for marriage and I love having the chance to witness it. I’m so excited. Lol, so as I was there I saw women shake and work and move freely as there were no men and there was NO JUDGEMENT. I was so pleased and shocked but still in awe. Firstly because they could move, sweet baby Jesus I was like nah lemme just look pretty in my midi dress and 5 inches. Secondly because no one said anything and applauded or imitated them respectfully to join in with the music the DJ was playing (hang tight Misses DJ)!

It was a wonderful experience AND I got to have BOTH of my best friends with me. I can say it was a very good day. Even the morning EA program I was on was beautiful as I saw women take off another layer and free themselves from issues they had been holding on to. It was empowering, I love working with women where they can be free as it causes me to look on in awe and adjust myself so that I too can be a better me.

This definitely was somewhat a journal entry. Happy Sunday xx


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