Stick out

There’s that saying about sticking out like a soar thumb. That feeling of being the odd one out and not blending in and being noticeable that you didn’t fit in to whatever colour, creed or belief to be held.
As I sit in church, pretty good in my knee length fitted dress and heels. I remember when I didn’t fit in and I would come week after week feeling like this wasn’t for me. This happened for months and with religion (Christianity is what I speak on) it’s more what God says about you than what man says. I had to learn that after a few months that it was fine to stick out and be content with me. But today it kinda hit me that I stick out in many things and I’ve changed to focus on bettering me and sometimes it’s going to mean outgrowing people and things and just picking up and moving to a different place. Not necessarily geographically but out of certain relationships that you’re not growing and they’re not adapting to your evolution of sticking outedness lol.
I get what it feels like to stick out and be an outcast. No I can’t say oh I’ve been like that all my life and give you some sap story when really I’m in a place where I focus on positives in my life. But I get what it means to be uncomfortable in your skin, uneasy with what you say affecting others, feeling less than because you speak or look different, having an unsettling feeling in your gut for the duration of the time with the group, questioning how you can be different but recognising you don’t want or need to be.
Don’t dim down to make others feel better. Chill and be content with you. Your weirdness is good. However some of yall r cray and your weirdness may need some checking. Funny but not funny.
Grow and be! I love me my heels and trainers, happy happy 🙂


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