April weather has me thinking

I’ve had such a packed and fun Easter, it’s been great. Last year was full of travelling ad drinks too. This time I was heavily on water and turning up with incredible women every single time!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Easter.

I’m looking out my window and from the recent sun I now see clouds and I’m sat on the floor with my laptop and textbook. I’m climbing into bed with my laptop after I’ve finished reading. You see if there was a Bae, I’d be happily chatting with him or probably out  to enjoy the afternoon as weather doesn’t really stop you kicking it with bae does it? But this is what happens when you’re single, you sit around doing work (that’s not a bad thing) and then you get to the popcorn and catch up daydream so you eventually do it looking like a chubby in a massive t-shirt, snacks and laptop in bed. Haha, 1 hour and that will be me unless I mystically get a Bae. But that’s a lil fast, not enough time for me to DBS (UK criminal check) check him or run his finger prints!

Tomorrow commences the last 2 weeks of my Coventry Uni lectures with 2 more submissions to the end of my 4 year placement Psychology BSc degree. Here we go!


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