I wondered if since the last time I checked if there is an anonymous site now.
As writers, bloggers do you ever want to just write your truth for that moment or life and post? The stuff that probably people would be shocked by, e.g. I’m a ‘vegan’ but I still eaf meat. Lol.
Just wondered thoughts on bloggers posting anonymously every now and again, is that a good thing or something you’d like to do?

Share your thoughts! As I am still into an anonymous post here and there. xx


8 thoughts on “Anonymity

  1. You can’t be anon with your pic everywhere. I recently followed this girl’s blog and she posts about having sex with guys she met online thought Tinder and it just feels strange reading it. She posts anon so she can write whatever she wants.

    1. What about if you had a separate account for that how would that be then? Or even a site where someone welcomed anonymous stuff n posted on their behalf?…

      1. I rather do the former, create another WP site and do it. But honestly, if i feel the need to get the words out I will just invest in a diary. I mean, why post that kind of stuff for the world to see unless you want attention, rather that be from people going through something similar or not?

      2. Ok I understand that. I wouldn’t primarily think on say ‘x rated’ content. Even life lessons that if your dearest knew of it could make your relationships different but on the other hand help others (online) going through it

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