Almost a goodbye to April

Trying out a vlog; peep the link!

Video because I didn’t want to write :-/

Thoughts? Or should I just write?


5 thoughts on “Almost a goodbye to April

  1. Seeing your hair reminded me of an old post you read about your clothes and people judging you. Did you practice before you shot the video? Like work on what you would say? Just curious because I know how I am.

    1. Haha I hadn’t thought of that post in a while. For my course I have to take some pride in my appearance so I at least iron my clothes now! Nope I didn’t, I knew the topic (April, Godson) n then shot!

  2. Haha, hi! Thanks, love big hair ♡ In June when I’m back from Mallorca I’ll definitely catch up and give him all my love. Yes I’ve been here quietly, trying to interact with more blogs and that stuff 🙂 Vlog because I didn’t want to write it especially when it’s a topic that I can be expressive in and show followers more of who I am. It gives my blog a voice, face and personality! I wouldn’t be full time but every now and again I would.

  3. Also, I didn’t realize you’ve been blogging since 2011. I thought you were new. You been here longer than I have. I started in May 2011. Today is actually my blogiversay. Could you see yourself vlogging over writing full time?

  4. I finally got a chance to watch your vlog after 2 days of T-Mobile throttling my data speeds. I had to watch it on damn 140. But anyway, your hair was the star of the video lol. I hope your May is even better and that you do get to spend more time with your nephew. I’m curious. Why weren’t you in a typing mood but rather video mood?

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