CELTA week 4

Can I just start with YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY?! Ok, I had a brilliant weekend of breathing time, walks, a sorbet, a trip to la Catedral, souvenir shopping, some house stuff and banged out two lesson plans. Lovely last weekend and said goodbye to my house mate of 2 weeks. Home alone now so I can walk around as … More CELTA week 4

CELTA week 3

I’m actually referring to my tutor’s WP now, Hi Sandy if you ever find me on here. I’m doing my best not to ‘like’ your stuff and then have you ask for more detail on the CELTA experience. Haha. Anywho… Day 11 Other than crying, being shocked and thrown about I banged out today’s assignment and … More CELTA week 3

CELTA week 2

Imagine all weekend I did was work. Saturday from 5-12 straight really. Sunday from 1-6 then I took a lovely walk to the beach and had a drink to celebrate a bit. Day 6- I did some pretty decent teaching and I could ultimately agree that it was “To standard”, not over or above but … More CELTA week 2

CELTA week 1

I’ve been in the Spanish country (Palma de Mallorca) for a week and thought I’d break down just how hard it’s been. Firstly as you should know from following me, I love Spain and the people are friendly. So, my course mates are the best and all live here. They’re such a helpful bunch, all … More CELTA week 1