CELTA week 1

I’ve been in the Spanish country (Palma de Mallorca) for a week and thought I’d break down just how hard it’s been.
Firstly as you should know from following me, I love Spain and the people are friendly. So, my course mates are the best and all live here. They’re such a helpful bunch, all we do is support and motivate each other. I’ve never even had great group work feel as good as this team does!

DAY 1:
I couldn’t wait to get back to my flat and relax. It seemed doable and the introductions to everyone were fun. The thought of teaching tomorrow is nice. Lesson preparation is very different to what I’ve done before and it’s very specific for it’s level of detail.

DAY 2:
Teaching was fun. The act of teaching is awesome. The act of planning tediously is dreadful. The thought of observing an experienced teacher tomorrow is exciting. Other than that I went for a run, steady pace but I hate concrete and that’s what I ran on. I live near the centre and it’s a concrete jungle towards the beach. But hey, at least I’m running and breathing.

DAY 3:
Let’s just say shit hit the fan when grammar came into play. My heart rate increased by lightyears. I had to pace my mind to not respond in a uni crazy way like last time. I also committed to not crying over this course. Yes I’ve personally spent a lot of money but I’m not here to cry about education when I haven’t even received my degree grade yet. I’ve realised that supermarket trips are calming as well, so I’ve planned to go every other day and stock my cupboards.

DAY 4:
That day where you teach, hope for the best and feel like you’ve already lost before your section is over. I disliked my performance. I really disliked the input sessions that flew over me. I had to have words from a colleague then have words with myself! Later I got told off by my friend from home, who then showed me this: every loss leads to a lesson, if you see no lesson then it’s a true loss and you can beat urself up for ur foolery. Tough love but I got it!

DAY 5:
Basically not taking about wanting to go home anymore as one week is over. The intensity, increasing lack of sleep and my healthy diet switch caused me to feel sick I guess and my Spanish Mama gave me some meds. Honestly I’m grateful for the team, help upon help. Now to not let my body stress and near want to pass out in a country where the language is still tricky for ya! The course being classed as intensive is true. I’ve kicked up a gear to how hard I worked to complete my dissertation draft in one month. It’s hard especially as it’s a lot of info, little time to process and very little time to learn to apply it. It truly tests you.

My weekend was fun! Saturday I officially finished my Psychology BSc and i had my first drink here (Alhambra). I also spent most of the day looking for a library but i made it to placa de l’olivar for a great market and sorted my wifi so I worked til midnight. Sunday started with music and pancakes then I later met my housemate and took a much needed walk to the beach while catching up with a few good friends. A working weekend and I didn’t get to sunbathe but I will do so this weekend and see the famous church next weekend maybe.

Onto the next…


5 thoughts on “CELTA week 1

      1. Sigh. Forget pics. Just remembered you have a YouTube and could see you taking us on a journey of your week while you walked. Anyway, you sound like you’re having fun. Like how you broke each day down.

      2. Haha sorry I’ll think more about choosing pics. Very good point of doing it by video but I’d need pointers to keep it short and succinct you see. But recommendations noted 🙂 Have a wonderful week and thanks for interacting with me often.

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