CELTA week 2

Imagine all weekend I did was work. Saturday from 5-12 straight really. Sunday from 1-6 then I took a lovely walk to the beach and had a drink to celebrate a bit.

Day 6- I did some pretty decent teaching and I could ultimately agree that it was “To standard”, not over or above but good. Had a cockroach fiasco too as it appeared in the middle of the floor and a student killed it while everyone was up in airs, I brought the lesson back to the point quite quickly though so my classroom management is cool, haha. I saw the points the tutor made and from my peers and felt comfortable receiving them. Saying that I had a great convo this morning and the Bible app threw a great scripture to me that I fell in love with and applied. I actually teared up as I read it before the lesson, it’s Psalms 94:18-19 (NIV). Beautiful stuff and a great person showed me something incredible that the two thoughts and feelings became one and I nearly burst. Anywho I’m happy and even understood more of grammar than last week! Progress is being made bruhh, progress! I now have a flatmate which is cool but nothing to do with CELTA. I’m using more Spanish in public, which rarely happened when I lived there an it’s good because I feel what my ESL learners feel when they interact with me. I’d love if a part of our course involved reflections like TESOL, simple because I love writing.
[Sideline for women though- if you have SERIOUS cramps, e.g. the medical term dysmenorrhea, you need to find a solution for what to do if it comes during lessons and knocks the wind out of you, you still have to be professional of some sort!]
Overall, a good day with progress noted and I left with a smile 🙂

Day 7

Observing lessons are always interesting as you learn teacher habits, their quirky moments and what to do and not to do. I’m sure the afternoon felt like a “hmm these are all interesting pieces of information, I’m just not sure when I can sift through it but I need to digest it”. I left pretty pleased and comfortable for tomorrow’s lesson. First assignment is ready and now to start the next 2 this weekend!

Mi y mi mamá de España

Day 8

My plan changed and I didn’t look at it at all, but I had fun and so did the students. I had way more positive feedback and loved that our lesson flowed as did yesterday’s group. Now we have to prep for our grammar lesson Friday and I have to wrap my head around the next 2 assignments both due for next week. I can honestly say though that I am considering not teaching English as a career. The time behind lesson planning is tedious and the amount of areas you have to scrutinize and all these focused forms are a bit much. I get there is a system and lee way for creativity but the joy of learning about what to teach English is not there. I love teaching but English is taking the piss. I prefer CLIL, that was awesome. I just don’t want to choose Spain again, yet the next course I can do with my previous program would be good. There’s not much time to analyse this in the moment as there’s so much to do but as necessary lesson planning is, I don’t want to spend 3-6 hrs/night on one x 40 min lesson that is scrutinized. The intensity has really hit in terms of the teaching stuff, I get that we have a lot to learn in methodology and process but now the actual teaching prep plus assignments…I promised I won’t cry over this course and I’m not going to start now. I need a holiday, all I do is fly and work. I just want to go to America with great people, catch joke for 2 weeks, see some sights and find interesting places with music, food and culture. Le sigh.

Day 9 and 10 (written on day 10)

I actually do teach

I can honestly say I understood way more about grammar than I did 2 weeks ago. I started the day feeling like a boss and recognising that CELTA takes a special kind of understanding and systematic way to do things. Just a I thought I was getting it I got throw’d. My lesson on day 10 however was badly managed and I knew it as I did it. I had great conversations with my classmates about life and fun studd and really enjoyed getting to know them better. Yesterday I really missed my mom’s hugs and was thinking about a hug on the way home, today I really needed it. I got one. I couldn’t manage with failure and I couldn’t get to speak to my mom. So I did what any 22 yo would do, I cried. I got a hug from my Spanish mama and it helped immensely. I should write on the power of hugs, Pastor Y Brooks always gives hugs and tells me it’s important. I don’t miss home anymore but today I missed home for the comfort and the hug. Mom just knows what to say. I couldn’t even pick myself up for hours. I really wanted to go home, but I can’t quit. I wanted to quit my degree but I couldn’t. I may want to quit this more often and abandon my future plans but I can’t. It hasn’t broken me but it’s teaching me about me in a very different way than the usual times I’ve gone abroad to work and study. I’ll be fine though, I’m looking forward to the beach this weekend for a few hours and just banging out the 2 assignments for next week.

I’ll say though, if you do decide to do an intensive CELTA course, do it in your home country where your peace and stress breakers are nearby. I’m considering going back to CLIL or choosing the PgCE and do Sport/PE much sooner than expected. But I guess I have time (as much is granted to me), that I don’t have to know exactly what my plan is… Meeeehhh nah, I make plans and I execute em 🙂

Jesus be my strength and guide! xx


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