What to do when you’ve got…?

So the past 5 days or so I’ve been in tears and figured I may as well have a drink and write a tad bit.

I’ve concluded:

1) When you get bad doctor results, accept it and work on improving the status of your health.

2) When you fail an assignment. Find out how to improve, focus on what to learn to improve then go and improve.

3) When you have to resubmit. Find out how those who did better, got better than you and get to know what materials they used and do somewhat similar to them. May as well learn about successes from successful people.

4) When your uni is a bunch of horse dung. There’s not much you can do other than petition, but you’re in the minority and a lot more people love it than you do. Just accept that you’ve learned some lessons and hold no malice in your heart. I have none for CU, I just hated it but had the best year in my final year and still wanted to have them disintegrate.

5) What to do when you dunno what to do. Read, read, read. May as well fill yourself on knowledge or try a challenging book to earn more vocabulary and speak your way into circles and meet more varied people!

6) What to do when you want to do dumb and life threatening things. Honestly, you need to stop and breathe and remember the good parts of life. In all seriousness, remember the good parts as even though it could be 1/100 in the entire day, allow that 1, to have the power of 99 and exude gratefulness. Hard but doable. Trusst me!

7) What to do when you have lots to do. Prioritize. Manage tasks and have a plan of how to tackle it and go at the ones that can be done efficiently and lead to bigger goals.

8) What to do when your alone. Don’t be a turd. Go out and have a walk, which basically means to exercise and build on YOU.

I’m done for now. 8 minutes and 8 things you could potentially do! xx


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