CELTA week 3

I’m actually referring to my tutor’s WP now, Hi Sandy if you ever find me on here. I’m doing my best not to ‘like’ your stuff and then have you ask for more detail on the CELTA experience. Haha. Anywho…

Day 11

Other than crying, being shocked and thrown about I banged out today’s assignment and went to the beach for a few hours. My skin, mind, body, soul, hair and head needed that. 3 hours laying around, yes. Yes Lord yes! Back to my actual Monday with the new students. Interesting levels within elementary, changed up my plans for my own lesson tomorrow. Spent 7 hrs total on it at the moment as well. Today I had pretty bad news I guess for my lifestyle but I kind of have always thought that’s what it was and I’ve accepted it and will deal with it as I’ve planned on doing. Today on the course, I got most of it, I can say that much. I also appreciated my group more and am in love with our chemistry, it’s really mind blowing how adults can just click and support each other. Saying that, it is only 6 of us but still we have good laughs in person and on whatsapp.

Beside the course, I’ll do my usual bloggy life for this day. My faith has been tested and I know I would prefer to have been home in a comfortable environment to deal with the various disappointments and brokenness that I’m going through. But such is life, where you are is what you have and you have to work it through. If you follow my social media accounts (very unlikely), you’d see silence or complaints and I don’t mean to be that person. I just build things up differently and vent in an odd way. I get the course stuff is quite systematic and we produce what they want for their purposes, but I doubt we’ll use it all in real life. We have to do it for now and it’s tiring to always be working and keeping your brain on while digesting information and doing assignments in a short space of time. It’ll be fine and my personal life alongside the course will find a way to chill and work itself out. Jesus didn’t bring me this far to leave me, regardless of how hard it feels and how much I fight mini breakdowns. I’ve come to far and I’ve not done enough with life to be stuck and throwing a month long petty party. I’M ABOUT TO BE TWENTY-THREE! HAHAHAHAHA. Back to gospel music to mellow out and head to bed for tomo xx

Day 12

Notice how I change my views daily. I had a good lesson. I somehow enjoyed the lesson planning last night. I taught a good lesson and got good feedback. I was comfortable with it. I see where I can go next. That’s only because on the walk to the academy I simply said among my convo with G.O.D.: “Lord I give you this day”. I then had a good day. Currently sat at a bar drinking my Alhambra to then go home cook, lesson plan and assignment plan til midnight. Not even stressing it, just accepting that it needs to be done calmly. I would love a beef casserole though, wonder if the place with the oxtail would have it? I need to eat out and try more Mallorcan food.

Day 13-
I’m getting better at learning the stuff and practicing the stuff. The stuff makes more sense.

Day 14

Before the stuff I had a morning epiphany! Anywho, the stuff was surprisingly good today, I did really good stuff even though I made obvious grammatical mistakes and it all feels like a haze. I sweated down my clothes because of the extra nerves and lack of sleep for the week. Surprisingly well done day. As a group we managed to decide and brainstorm ideas for our teaching points next week, I get to do vocab (which was fun this week) and some speaking (which is the skill that made me love teaching and want to get into English teaching). Even sat in on a blog for professional development webinar, to learn that maybe if I take #EFLTeachers seriously I could just create another site. We’ll see aye!

Day 15

Hardest week is over! Resubmissions sent, submissions sent. Understanding of lesson planning for next week is pretty much there. Drinks were drawn and consumed. Actually spent an evening having fun and away from the laptop. Frig yes! Almost complete. Been a week of learning. The most awe inspiring thing happened today though,my friend was ill before lesson. She taught a KICK ASS lesson and laughed her way through and managed to teach 95% before running out in their closing task. Absolutely astonighing. AND there were no faults that I saw in her lesson. Now that was a great lesson as they still had fun and lesson aims were met. I’m still wondering how she did it. Cuz if I were sick and vomiting, mate…I’d be teaching from near the door on a chair leant back. I am amazed.

Absolut Vodka

Weekend time, I hopefully get to visit the cathedral, have some sorbet from that sop in the old town, buy gifts, and complete two lesson plans. Ya está! Todo bien xx


4 thoughts on “CELTA week 3

  1. All I can tell you is that CELTA is hard from beginning to end, and then when you apply for a job, we employers can see if you learned anything or not, and you get your final grade by way of which school you get accepted into to teach, those who learned most get the best jobs, those who didn’t get the rubbish schools. You make the choice early on. Don’t just sit there and wait for the certificate, really try to retain as much information as possible, it will all be needed and pay off in the end. All the best!

    1. Thanks! I don’t know what you mean about the final grade based on the school you’re accepted in? My certificate and grade will come from Cambridge. Or do you mean the quality of the school who first accepts me shows that I am good or not great of an EFL teacher?

      1. Yes Cambridge give out the grade on the certificate, but I can tell you from an employers point of view, unless you get a Pass B which is quite rare, almost everyone just gets a ‘pass’, and the range of quality in that is extreme. We always ask the prospective teacher to do an hour and a half demo lesson, and that usually tells us what they learned….So we only take the best ones because we consider ourselves one of the best language centres and charge high prices for that. So in return teachers get paid better, treated better and I believe work in a better work environment too. So getting the final grade (means personally) can often depend on the demo you do for your potential employer, because where you start your first job can make or break your ESL teaching future.

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