CELTA week 4


Ok, I had a brilliant weekend of breathing time, walks, a sorbet, a trip to la Catedral, souvenir shopping, some house stuff and banged out two lesson plans. Lovely last weekend and said goodbye to my house mate of 2 weeks. Home alone now so I can walk around as butt nekid as I jolly well feel!

Day 16

I was somewhat confused with my lesson plan in the wee hours of the morning but I enjoyed today’s lesson even though there were just 2 students. It made me think and adapt and somewhat go back to previous speaking classes I had in BCN. I enjoyed it and let them play games and use the language. I did make obvious mistakes to myself like starting the listening task without the task then catching myself and giving them the task. Then obviously doing an activity that would have been best suited for someone else’s part but hey ho. Feedback was pretty constructive, had a chance to start and finish the last assignment for the course and observed a lesson (for our observed lessons segment of the course). Day finished at 4:40pm maybe and I am literally leaving in 5 minutes, which will make it one hour that I stayed after class has finished. I plan on getting the last few groceries, going for a walk then checking my plan for Thursday and watching movies til midnight. I finally feel like I;m on top of things and have a better understanding of lesson planning, aims, procedures, analysis sheets and just managing a classroom. I see that I’m achieving what I came on this course to do: be a better teacher and manage the classroom. Hella difficult as you’ve seen from my posts but I’m good at the moment. Had a wonderful cry yesterday as I watched a sermon, have to go through tough personal times to get out the other end and get onto bigger and better things where things you saw as tough would then be manageable (Devon Franklin on Toure Roberts, One Church LA- a special vid part 2).

Day 17

Other than being tired from sleep times, I’m somewhat chilling now. Assignment for tomorrow handed in early, keep tweaking the last one hour lesson and I’m growing more and more comfortable with it. Last assignment I did was good and I’m pleased there. I guess I have improved a lot with teaching. A friend said today that I don’t complain, I had to tell her that I have some control but I’ve wanted to complain abuot 2/wk so I just call a friend to complain for 10 minutes then I carry on with life as I’m only complaining and not changing anything. She agreed, it makes sense: why complain if you are not going to go and make a difference and change the thing or address it with the one you are offended by? Mehh, tbh it took me a while to get to this stage and the first few weeks tested my patience and kindness. Not everyday do you need to address things, accept and overcome. I do see where I could interject or complain but I’m not fighting anyone (verbally) so I’ll leave it until it needs to actually be fixed. Haha, I love Spaniards. I saw the little babies come in for the English class after school and I missed my Galician babies. I miss working with children, I’m even starting to apply for teaching with my CELTA in England over the summer in summer schools or even a chance to work in language schools. It’s a little early but I’m hoping for a “Pass + letter (A/B)” and I want to make use of it for the next few months before I’m supposed to be off to the East!

Day 18

Thought I was free from illness and would have been the one of 2 to not be ill from the 6 students and 2 tutors! But I woke up with an eye infection. Bummer -_- So self conscious and I hope it goes down for teaching tomorrow. Grateful my Spanish Ma helped me out and accompanied me to the pharmacist where the guy did well with speaking to me in English. Lovely when native Spaniard surprise me with really good English! Figured out Sandy (one of the tutors) will now read m blog since I forgot it’s on my G+ and people actually utilize their Gmail features. Anywho, pleasant day observing classes and getting info on future development. EFL teachers futures seems bright with lots of possibilities but NOT PAID well. I think if I relied on this income for a family of 4, I would change careers. I am only responsible for me atm so I can happily teach for the love of teaching as I can feed myself but I’m not sure how you could do this with a family even if you stayed still in your native country or one chosen foreign country. Trying to get another early night in and get ready for my last TP tomorrow, no resub for the last assignment so I’m quite happy and free-ish. I’m excited to play games tomorrow and smash this last TP. All in!

Day 19
Fun teaching practice with games and stupid mistakes on my part. Glad it’s over. Majorly packed and ready to see the last few teaching hours, sign things off n go home. Well celebrate and then go home.

Day 20
Made it. Watched the last few lessons. Had a lovely little party. Course is over. Happy I made it. Grateful the work is done. Now to work and practice in it! I guess in the end it was worth it, regardless of my personal life weighing in, it was good to have done it. You do need to be prepared for the intensity and I’m sure on a 12 week course your growth is more measurable as you can spend time working on your weaknesses weekly. Here we had like 1-3 days to strengthen our weaknesses. Aah well, someone say Kirah is a CELTA qualified teacher? Haha yes I am!


The after party was good. Finally got my sangrías then made it to Maga for an early bday celebration with amazing ribs at Pirate’s bar and some delish drinks! Love my Spanish course mates, we became real friends and I miss them already. I have to visit this year and have myself a holiday!

IH Palma CELTA class of May 2015

Packed the Thursday and my case was 25kg at the airport hahaha (I had a massive colacao in there). Madrid was hot then from London it took longer than expected to get to Birmingham. I had a great first day back with some loved ones 😍 Now to get used to not working like cray and just do this last uni piece! Xx


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