The current quietness

Hi all my lovely readers,

Cutting my cake!
Cutting my cake!

I haven’t written for 2 weeks and it feels somewhat weird not updating a post daily for a weekend share! After CELTA I celebrated my birthday which was fun and filled with loved ones. It kind of started off in Magaluf, ended up in another city in England and made it’s way to Brum by the 5th. Don’t worry I remember it all, I turnt up into a sensible 23-year-old fashion.

I haven’t written or even typed my thoughts because it’s all somewhat sad, struggle filled, looking for the light through a crack in a dark box. I physically am free, not incarcerated, uni is over and I did not bother to look very hard for immediate full-time work as my plan was to be gone quite quickly from Sept but that has changed to possibly Jan 2016. I have free time to concentrate on one re-submission until I fly out to camp for one month in Spain at the end of June and that’ll be done quite quickly so then I’ll exercise more, read, do my voluntary stuff and stay in bed.

My latest WP drafts are sad so I stopped writing my thoughts, the ones before will have too many people I know asking me questions on religion/atheism, sex, drugs, highs, yada yada. I know I can put a positive spin on the downy posts- but I really don’t want to. 95% of my days are great it’s just that I rarely write when I’m happy, sometimes I think that’s too boring and not gripping enough. My friend from the course said that I don’t share a lot about myself at first, when I did after she asked me to she was like “Wow but you have a lot of great things to share!”. These are things that I think are boring and not exciting enough (family, friends, why I do what I do) in comparison to the conversations I want to have (travel, fun stories, topics with laughs). I’m now learning to share more initially and just to share my thoughts and not keep quiet. It’s new and I’m hesitant but I’ll switch up my “How to make friends as an introvert” soon enough!

Back to not writing-I can’t at the moment. I need a little time, I need to learn a little more about me at 23. I kind of already miss #lifeat22 and I accidentally put the wrong age on forms but I’ll be fine and the world will keep spinning even if I delete all my social media accounts etc. What does my voice even do?

Enjoy the start of summer and I’ll talk to you soon!


Hmmkiki xx

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11 thoughts on “The current quietness

      1. I tweeted this recently. At my uni they give international grants for work, conference or visiting field trips that link to your degree. When I travel it’s 9/10 for work so I apply and it just about covers my flights. CELTA courses are over £1200, the grant I got happily covered my flight and luggage. Now I’ve finished uni, I can still apply for them up til a certain amount of months after graduation once it relates to my degree. The international support is one of the very few reasons I like my uni.

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