Be careful…

I may as well write for the fun of it and I just like this picture from when we rock climbed on Sunday 😝


Be careful who you marry!

I don’t know how many young people aged under 30 I have seen get engaged and married and have a whole heap of polava shortly there after. Or after 5 years it becomes a loveless marriage and you’re scheming how to leave them. Be sure when you want to make someone your wife, or accept a husband. Can we have days where your first marriage is your only marriage and you work things through where you don’t go to sleep until things are calm? The latter I also believe should happen in relationships.

Be careful who you lay with!

I don’t know the age group of my followers but you must know what sex is at least even if you are 11. Be mindful who you sleep with, who you put your manhood in, who you let enter into you, who you let into your space, who you let get to the pearls! I don’t need to go on. Not everyone you lay with is a good person. Sure people have 1 night stands, but then you’re so much more open to any disease- why risk it? You can call giving it up on the first date and not seeing them again as something similar because you are still risking it very quickly. Regardless of soul ties (this is a Christ inspired site after all), not everyone is worth letting get between your legs-hands, private tools or otherwise. Plus you know the baggage that can come with WHEN THINGS GO WRONG. I also hate when men have sex with a girl then call them a hoe, bitch or slut. Why? You are her equal when you lay with her. The same terms you use on her, you now are. You sleep with a bitch which is a dog and the flees she carries you can then carry to.

Be careful who you tell things to!

Not everyone has their best intentions for you. I’ve seen posts on social media a lot about friends being snakes or how you can meet new people and they ride for you harder than old friends or how when you’re low no one is there but when you’re high everyone is there. Yes, every single person has to deal with this so be mindful who you tell things to as they may be nonchalant, support you, or privately seek to teak you down.
On the other hand, you need to learnt hat not everything you tell to people. Some things are just for you. For example, I got a raise at my job- no one but my partner needs to know. I have a dream of opening a center that gives free private tuition and mentoring to students in a specific bracket: this you would tell specific strategic people that can give you guidance and support, others you can just say I’m busy working on helping the youth. Yet their is a negative in that friends feel hurt that you don’t tell them and you could potentially miss getting to that goal in a more successful way because you didn’t tell someone. You have to be smart on who you tell and how you tell certain type of things to people.

Be careful in planning!

Planning is something I love doing. But with planning, you have to be sure possible pros and cons of the operation. Big trips, or things in advance you need to plan clearly and be accurate with your level of detail. My friends dislike how much I need to know to participate in activities but it helps me plan. If you randomly say we’re going out of city to party, sure- but when, how long and where? If i’m working the next day I’m not going, if I have insufficient funds I’m not going, if it’s central London I am not going. I’m specific and need to know things beforehand and at least have ideas ready.

Be careful with what you say!

The last one. What you say on any technological device can be found, recorded and shown in a court of law to be used against you. Let’s just love one another, not be backstabbers, hateful keyboard assassins, plan bank robberies, lie on people, etc. Just smile and be kind, the world needs so much of it.

Anything you’d like to add? 🙂


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