Lost in bed in the evening in my mind

I was listening to this song and felt like writing. I heard it while binge watching Arrow S3. Play it in the background and read. I’m definitely going to check out his album!

... In the evening in my room

Having almost perfect days,

Those sweet ones where everything seems right.

You feel right, sense understanding in the space.

IT’s not bad, it’s empty wholeness.

Perfect simplicity, not too much or too little.

No tears, big laughs, serious cramps, secret moves.

You can’t be mad for not achieving or getting something,

If you didn’t work towards that then why get mad?

If things are somewhere in the air, why can’t you identify it?

If something is peaceful, unbroken why try to fix it?

Well you should always look for more peace but don’t disturb it.

I don’t connect with being lost, I connect with distance.

Knowing who I was, where I am and where I want to be.

On a serious note, I had a daydream of a weekend I want with the people I love. It was nice, I think it lasted for all of episode 3. I just don’t know how likely those envisioned beautiful conversations that will give me answers and peace will happen. Like, I hope to find out who killed the cat by asking about the cat. Because asking “Who killed the cat?” is kind of a weird accusation to throw out on a perfect day. I doubt this makes sense. I don’t like cats, we don’t have or never had one, I hope we never do get one. I’ve played this song 6x now, it’s still gorgeous. It’s not gut wrenching, it’s hopeful, like there’s more. I haven’t written a song in years, it’s not me anymore but I would love to play this piece (Kris Allen-Lost). I used a cat example here because a cat is mentioned in the song, I picked that up on the 7th listen. I’ll stop now. I’m not lost, I had a good day. I don’t miss anyone because I spoke to my loved ones yesterday and got to hug my baby, my handsome little man.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’ve been thinking a lot clearer, decisions made, more smiles to come! xx


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