An unfairness

I was going to title this inequality but it has nothing to do with the social injustice and unrest across the world. This is to do with relationships.

My friend and I was talking about 6 weeks ago about past relationships, lovers, exes, men, my flirtatious ways and pretty faces. You ever realised that as a girl we go through so much (I’ve written on the complexities of what women endure, about 2 years ago) in relationships because of our emotional and nurturing nature. Trust me, we will stay because of “love” of who they were in the beginning, we will sit and take disrespect because we think they’ll come back to their senses, we’ll let a man cheat or share what’s ours with another (or several) and turn an eye at it, we’ll crave just his attention at any expense.

This is saddening to write but it’s true.

A woman can love hard so much that it hurts and she would willingly allow herself to be shot multiple times by the one she believes to be right. It’s not weakness, it’s just the belief in a person. You can invest months, years and expect better. It’s a shame some boys don’t truly graduate to becoming men as they’re immature and either hardly can’t recognize how much they hurt their women or ignore the hurt they see (that they caused). Sometimes go back to how things were in the beginning, and text ya girl right before her morning meetings to say “you got this shuga!”.

But the biggest anomaly and I SWEAR  I still do not understand or see the logic to why this is. Guys and gals will jump into something with no title or understanding of what it is and is not (this I get). It’s the next stage where the gal now is crossing over to relationship where she is at a standstill as she WAITS for the guy to decide what THEY are (this I don’t get). It’s unfair why we give men this big decision making, however if you try and just say oh we’re together a man will drop you like a hot cake or have you looking like a dang delirious fool out here. But I know the issues is to do with how it started. In the beginning things need to be clear, either we’ll be friends and talk about it when it becomes any shade of grey OR no talk and just do and lead to have strong feelings for each other and not knowing how to direct it if your just in the hallway and not entered through a door.

I hope that made sense. It’s just been on my mind and in my sphere. Off to camp this week, once again I’ll be somewhat quiet for the next 4 weeks. Share your thoughts and enjoy the start of summer! xx

P.S. I will only refer to heterosexual relationships as this is my blog and that is the only type of relationship I practice and seriously care about because I want babies in the distant future! 😛


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