Too fast maybe

A few more friends are getting married and I’m ecstatic for them. I love weddings and witnessing love, as well as getting cake. I saw a picture of an engagement ring today, it was gorgeous. I want to get married, I wanted it all by a certain time. Travelling introduces you to different men, different … More Too fast maybe

Love bucket

Out of love for some, learning to replenish for those that give love back. I get tired of missing people, I just don’t want to feel that strong for people and not feel it back anymore. Forget about being scared, pick up the phone and call me. I know most of my close friends know … More Love bucket

Never die

They say if a writer writes about you, you’ll never die. It’s true that in this Internet age, every posted message remains. Even as I write here, whoever I wrote for or about does not die. Xx

Judge not

A few times over the years people have had way too much time on their hands to think because of who I am perceived to be that I have time to judge. If your my friend, especially a good friend and I use a term before the word friend then just be honest. Like OK, … More Judge not