Judge not

Sunset in Cazorla, Spain

A few times over the years people have had way too much time on their hands to think because of who I am perceived to be that I have time to judge.

If your my friend, especially a good friend and I use a term before the word friend then just be honest. Like OK, you slept with our friends guy and you tried to hide it from me because I’d be all high and mighty. Nah, your drama doesn’t pay my bills. I’m here to listen, especially as that’s the skill I’ve been working on for almost a year.

I’m sick and tired of the belief behind many Christians that we judge. We do, as a whole there’s a lot of messed up stuff as Christians we do hence no one likes us, believes us and uses us as the butt of jokes. If you’ve read my blog or spent time around me you see that I do things that out rightly defies the Bible (most notably here that I swear and often times didn’t give af). I accept that I make the same bad decisions, I’m working on it with Christ. I try and show love to all as it’s one of the greatest commandments. So if you feel like I’m going to judge you, please don’t. I really don’t have that kind of time and energy. Trust me to keep what you say confidential, I’m here if you want to talk or vent. As a friend I love you, as a blogger I hope the best for all that pass by my site. I don’t wish some of the greatest pain I’ve endured this year on anyone, trust me! I’ve not been that physically near running to find a joint from some any person or the hospital for morphine ever in my entire life, seriously.

I wish you well and I hope if you feel like I’ll judge you that you recognise I won’t. I hope in your so called friend groups or best friends group that you have people you can trust or be honest with about your life. If not, turn to Jesus.

This ends my Christian broadcast. Happy Sunday, I’m in Valencia 😁 xx


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