Love bucket

Out of love for some, learning to replenish for those that give love back. I get tired of missing people, I just don’t want to feel that strong for people and not feel it back anymore. Forget about being scared, pick up the phone and call me.
I know most of my close friends know I have love for them, they also know when I ignore them. Communication is big to me, I give a lot of detail so they don’t have to ask or question what I’m saying. Some can’t handle that detail, it’s not my fault your other friends aren’t in tune to themselves to know how to tell you how they feel. However when I stop saying everything, they ask me what’s up. 😒 wtf you asking that dumb question if your way of handling me is to be rude to my way of expressing love (communicating, words). So it becomes a yoyo of giving and not giving.
Being at camp, you live in your head as you don’t share your thoughts with temporary friends. I really like my fellow counsellors and call them friends but it’s also the environment we’re in – we need each other for this job and camp to work. I wouldn’t share my all, I just give my all. I’m out of love, physically drained and curled up on the sofa waiting for the morning activities to start. I have loved these teens, counsellors and camps. The most love I can currently muster for any one and thing is for my bed. Monday morning I will be home in my bed, the sweetest love 💕


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