But they’re not you

Even though we’re through I still think about you. Your noises, your manners, when you roll your eyes at me, the way you ask for me to hold your hand. I can be just going about my day and boom, it’s you. Just you.

A few times as I’ve been away adventuring and end up bunking with guys, I get annoyed. Not because I don’t like them as men but because they snore differently. It’s louder or more breathy and I just don’t flipping like it!

It’s in those 3 am moments I remember you napping. It’s then that I remember you’re goodness, the level of trust, the weight of the world you carry. I miss you.

It’s those little things I experience and think dam I miss that big ass head napping on me. I meet people and talk to them but no one else has me like you. They just aren’t you.

I wrote this at camp due to camp life, my teens lives and their stories.


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