Floor to ceiling

Sometimes all I have is I’m sorry on sunny days. I have I miss and need you on most days. Every few months since 20 I break and it all feels broken and idle. You’ve seen me here twice a year it seems. Twice a year I guess I question me, we, us, them and … More Floor to ceiling


I want to go home, to a place I’ve been once. Not the Caribbean home, the country that overlooked my island before we became a country. It’s actually easy to get to, I checked out flights and I could get there. But I booked off quite a bit and have new families that I can’t … More Home

Hand written

Writing your girl love notes and letters would win her. I’m saying this because I love words and follow male writers who express their love for a woman immaculately that it’s not even always poetic. It’s just their soul on paper about their love for their future wife or current love. I’ve spoken with a … More Hand written