Hand written

Writing your girl love notes and letters would win her. I’m saying this because I love words and follow male writers who express their love for a woman immaculately that it’s not even always poetic. It’s just their soul on paper about their love for their future wife or current love.
I’ve spoken with a friend who often tells me that it’d be beautiful to receive physical paper with words that are handwritten by their love. And in all honesty, as old school as that may be, it would be beautiful. The sentimental value alone! Man, you would have her if you kept treating her right and wrote to her every now and again.
I’ve seen some kinky writings and I appreciate it, because 1) I know the mind of the person and 2) they love their lady enough to spend time writing something thoughtful.
It’d be great to see this kind of gentleman, chivalrous behaviour in today’s world. Give me a paper with your writing and believe me my heart would go stupid mushy! 😝
As summer is almost over, let’s get all romantic guys. Show your love that you love them and try this as, your something romantic/spontaneous!

P. S. Even writing a complimentary note or message to show appreciation to a friend is awesome too. Let’s not always wait for birthdays. Drop it through their letterbox, handbag or leave it on their desk. Be kind and use your words as it really can change someone’s day. Xx


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