I want to go home, to a place I’ve been once. Not the Caribbean home, the country that overlooked my island before we became a country. It’s actually easy to get to, I checked out flights and I could get there. But I booked off quite a bit and have new families that I can’t up and leave right now.
I want to reconnect with that which makes me in essence Dutch. I want to hear my language, experience my culture and reacquaint myself with the joys that once were.
I got teary thinking about home and finding myself. My birth home is beautiful but kind of far to go and I only have a handful of friends there. It’s not the same as it was when I was 9. So Holland as an adult would be awesome to do soon!
Home. A place I long to return to. Nederlands. I actually almost flew out the day before my bday but my parents weren’t having any of that craziness! Haha.



10 thoughts on “Home

  1. So. I notice you do a lot of traveling in your posts. Any advice/tips to someone who flew before but not as frequent and more afraid to fly than the first time?

    1. Quite a few actually depends on when you’re leaving I could write apost. Mainly be aware of your surroundings; try and have a sim card or get one when you’re there if there for more than one week as Google maps is life saving; have ideas on the culture and sights you want to visit before hand ; challenge yourself to talk to the locals and even make a few friends whether solo or travelling with a group ; couch surfing can help with your trip but be wary there; separate your cash (pocket, bag and luggage in hotel ) and be careful in pick pocket capitals with your id , electronics.

      1. Not sure, my friend told me she takes sleeping pills even for 2 hr flights. Alternative, get over the fear as there’s nothing to worry about. Yes there’s a couple problems but realistically you’re more likely to get in an accident when walking on the Rd or driving. Start to see it as the first fun stage of your trip, as it brings you to the desired destination, when you land treat yourself if you’ve managed the flight well. A gd enough treat that will entice you to want to keep calm on the flight.

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