What do you do after uni?

When you’re in university they recommend you find a graduate job or do a Masters when you’ve completed your degree. But if you do neither then what?
I did neither and here I am, questioning every few weeks what I want to do with the rest of my life. Fair enough I’m 23 and there’s lots of time. But I need a plan for this time. Jumping straight from education to education for 20 yrs of life has created a structure, you know what naturally comes next. You attend a sixth firm/college then fight to get into university where a curriculum is set and you just have to study then complain. Fast track 3 ish years where you now choose to devote your Mon-Fri, 9-5 that equates to 40 hours to a job (self employed /entrepreneurs are different as they give more and work for their dreams) . In the UK you are not even in school for that many hours. I’m expected to now go and do that happily when my degree has opened fields of jobs that I can go into yet I have no clue what would make me the happiest and give me an Audi the fastest? 😣
This is where I am. Excuse the posts since June as I’ve been trying to find myself in the world.
I’m not trying to plan too much, but getting a general idea of what’s over the hill is all I want.
So what do I do now? I told mom last week how weird it felt not having to do an assignment (uni) or a lesson plan (CELTA). Here is the big bad world, now to find a happy place in it and build a life worth living! I don’t find the thought scary, I find that the how will I do it is where I get Road blocked. Hmm.

Any tips for people like me? Do drop a comment. Share to others. It’s all good 😝


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