24 hrs

Every now and again I do this thing where I don’t complain for 24 hrs. I just feel, accept and keep smiling. The last few weeks I have been up and down. This week I’ve had some nice job offers and with how I’ve not cared to put me first I may just go fly with it and run with the wind. That’s besides the point.
My 24 hrs meant that today I could speak to one person at 22:30 and encourage her to keep doing her best and keep treating people better. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is a serious scripture. I’m kinda bad in my personal life but as soon as I step out of my house and interact with people, I help where I can and give the good energy from within. I want people to leave me having felt like “dang that was a good time spent with Ki, all I did was laugh! ” Likewise with the blog, so I’ll come back with positive content soon 😁
Try the 24 hr challenge, just don’t complain and see how you feel at the end of it! Xx

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